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A family business with a passion for kitchens

  • Charles Warnes
    Charles Warnes
  • Charles and Rosemary
    Charles and Rosemary
  • Andrew Warnes, Charles' son
    Andrew Warnes, Charles' son
  • Lisa Warnes
    Lisa, Charles' daughter-in-law, who runs The Cheshire Cookery School

Run by the Warnes family, COD Electrical and AKC Kitchens uniquely complement one another.

COD Electrical was established in 1973 by Charles Warnes. His commitment to traditional customer service values and competitive pricing, is why COD Electrical is now one of the largest supplier of kitchen appliances in the North West of England.

With COD Electrical’s reputation for stocking quality appliances it was a natural step to set up the sister company, AKC Kitchens in 1983. AKC Kitchens combine the great customer service values of COD Electrical with a passion for designing beautiful and technologically advanced kitchens.

With the two businesses working hand in glove, customers get the best of both worlds.

Under Charles’ expert stewardship the two companies occupy an impressive site in the Cheshire town of Altrincham.

With plenty of space in the kitchen and appliances showroom, it made perfect sense to set up The Cheshire Cookery School, run by Lisa Warnes, Charles' daughter-in-law.

Real choice is a liberating experience. We have a range of appliance brands and kitchens on display at all times, giving you the freedom to choose the exact features, design and style that suit your lifestyle.